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Cancer Pain

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Whether you’re in cancer treatment or recovery, restoring your health is more challenging when you struggle with pain. Though you can expect pain with cancer, Adam Camp, MD, at Advanced Pain Solutions in Ionia and at the Surgery Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, can help you find relief. The practice offers medication management, effective interventional treatments, and advanced OsteoCool™ radiofrequency ablation to alleviate the pain of metastatic bone cancer. If you need a pain management partner, call the office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

Cancer Pain Q & A

What causes cancer pain?

Tumors cause pain as they get large enough to press against nerves, organs, and bones. In some parts of your body, you won’t feel pain until the tumor becomes quite large or after cancer metastasizes.

When the tumor has little space to grow, cancer pain appears more quickly. For example, pain is the earliest sign and the primary symptom of bone cancer. It doesn’t take long for the pain of a bone tumor to become severe.


How does OsteoCool radiofrequency ablation relieve cancer pain?

OsteoCool radiofrequency (RF) ablation relieves the pain of metastatic bone tumors in your spine, as well as other benign bone tumors. Advanced Pain Solutions performs an OsteoCool procedure, which does not interfere but in fact enhances conventional cancer treatments. It is used in the destruction of tumor cells, in the reduction of painful tumor inflammation, and to stabilize bone from imminent fracture.  

You can also have OsteoCool treatment at any time, even while you continue to receive other therapies. However, treatment should not be delayed since it stabilizes the bone, whereas more conventional methods may weaken the bone and lead to fractures. OsteoCool doesn’t interfere with systemic treatment and it can be used before, during, or after other therapies.

During an OsteoCool procedure, your provider inserts two narrow probes into the targeted vertebra. The probes are water-cooled to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues, while the tip of the probe uses RF energy to precisely coagulate and destroy tumor tissues.


Can I get medication to manage my cancer pain?

Medication is an essential option for managing cancer pain. Advanced Pain Solutions works to find you the best dose and type of medication for optimal pain relief. Medication regimens often begin with a non-opioid drug, gradually progressing to weak and then strong opioids if your pain worsens.

If your cancer pain doesn’t improve with opioids or you can’t take them due to side effects, your provider may recommend a ketamine infusion. Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that often provides rapid and long-lasting pain relief from cancer pain.

You can get relief from cancer pain from the compassionate providers at Advanced Pain Solutions. To schedule an appointment, call the office or use the online booking feature.